Hi !

I have a new server preinstalled with Linux Suse ES 10 (64 bit, Pentium D proc).
This server is planned for Zimbra, so for a first try I get the zcs-4.5.6_GA_1044.SuSE10.tgz from Sourceforge.

After reading wiki tips and prepare the OS, I try to install Zimbra, which tell me :
Checking for prerequisites...
    sudo...FOUND sudo-1.6.8p12-18.14
    libidn...FOUND libidn-0.6.0-14.2
    curl...FOUND curl-7.15.1-19.7
    fetchmail...FOUND fetchmail-6.3.2-15.9
    gmp...FOUND gmp-4.1.4-20.10

Checking for installable packages

Found zimbra-core
Error: attempting to install i386 packages on a x86_64 OS.
So : is there a 64 bit for Suse ES10 planned ? if yes is there a roadmap ?
If not, what should I do in order to install Zimbra on this machine ?

I see there's a RHEL 64bit archive, should I try it on this Suse ?

Thanks !