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Thread: Spamassasin DNSBL Queries

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    Smile Spamassasin DNSBL Queries

    I already have an email gateway that is doing virus and spam checks for inbound email. In the default setup for Zimbra, is Spamassasin doing DNSBL Queries for inbound email? If it is, I'd like to turn that off globally as it's just going to chew up more time and bandwidth for something that has already been done seconds ago.

    I've looked throught the GUI and don't see an option to turn that off. If there is no GUI way, which config files do I need to modify and will Zimbra overwrite these on startup or when there is a new version install?


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    Spamassassin isn't doing any DNSBL queries unless you've added them. Check the wiki (or search the forums) for details on DNSBL restrictions and how to change them.


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    Thanks Bill, I checked the forums but not the wiki. It's set just the way I want.

    Thx again!

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