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Thread: Norwegian translation inclusion?

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    Default Norwegian translation inclusion?

    Hi all

    The Norwegian translation has now been out in the open since September 2009. The translation is fairly complete, probably better than most of commercial software out there.

    Is there a reason why this hasn't been included in upstream Zimbra?


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    Just sharing info about this thread. Since there have been some progress. Translation is now moved to Github:

    The reason for moving it away from SF was no commitment from Zimbra to help people getting moderator/write access. I've also filed a bug (RFE) for norwegian language support:

    There is also a irc-channel called #zimbra-no@Freenode where you can talk with me. I am also availeble on Skype if anyone want to get in touch with me. Skype name is philipgabrielsen

    Please vote for bug, and PLEASE, contrib to translation on Github. All commits will be dragged into master, and i monitor this stuff on a dayly basis.


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