This report is taken from details outlined in bug 93140.

This is a regression. After installing ZCS 8.0.7 Patch 1, delegated admin accounts will be unable to add new aliases, DLs or Resources through the AdminUI. This doesn't affect global admin accounts. Could have been introduced by code changes from Bug 89166 or Bug 87728.

Repro Steps:

1) create a domain
zmprov cd

2) create a new user and the password "zimbra"
zmprov ca zimbra

3) configure this user as a delegated admin account for this domain
zmprov ma zimbraIsDelegatedAdminAccount TRUE
zmprov grr global usr domainAdminZimletRights
zmprov grr domain usr domainAdminConsoleRights

4) then I create the following Admin views (Admin views)
zmprov ma +zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents accountListView +zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents DLListView +zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents aliasListView +zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents resourceListView +zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents saveSearch

5) log in to the AdminUI using credentials.

6) Click on "Manage" -> "Distribution Lists"

7) If I click on the mechanical wheel (look at the attached screenshot adminui-snapshot-807.png) all is well. I can create users, DLs, aliases & resources with no issues.

8) Install 8.0.7 Patch1

9) If you try to go again to "Manage" -> "Distribution Lists" with the same account, you can't see the proper option (look at the attached screenshot adminui-snapshot-807-patch1.png). You can only add accounts regardless if you choose to add DLs, aliases or resources.

As a Global Administrator everything is fine.