Hi folks,

We're in the process of migrating our users from our current mail system, Horde for webmail and Cyrus IMAP as the mailstore, to Zimbra. One of the things we'd like to do is preserve user-defined mail filters from Horde and transfer them to Zimbra. We originally thought that, because Horde/Ingo uses Sieve syntax to store its filters, we could transfer them to Zimbra with reasonable ease using the procedure described in the following forum post:


Unfortunately, it appears that the technique described in this post is broken or no longer available in ZCS 4.5.6, which means we need to find another way to migrate the filters. I looked around in the bug database and found this item:

Bug 17034 - Sieve Migration

One thing they could do is to use the filter commands in zmmailbox. They could
parse their existing rules and turn them into zmmailbox commands. By going
through zmmailbox, we guarantee that the generated rule will be something that
our server and UI can understand. Check out "zmmailbox help -v filter" for more
This looks like it could work, except that the work to rewrite Sieve-style filter rules, some of which are very complex for some of our users, is non-trivial. We're looking into crafting some code to transform the Sieve rules into something that zmmailbox can understand, but we're wondering if anyone else has migrated from Horde to Zimbra and run into this problem (surely someone has?).

If anyone has encountered this issue, and knows of a solution less painful than writing a bunch of code to transform sieve rules to zmmailbox commands (or have written this code already and would be willing to share) please let me know.