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Thread: Sync Zimbra GAL and Exchange GAL

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    Check out DavMail it shoudl get you what you are looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sam View Post
    To get the same view of the GAL from both exchange and zimbra, provision all the users in AD (Zimbra and Exchange users). Then configure Zimbra to use AD as the external GAL so the Zimbra users see the same GAL as the Exchange users. If your zimbra users are already in AD (which they might if you are on a windows domain), configure Zimbra to do external auth against AD and your zimbra users won't require new passwords.
    Does this mean that Zimbra will write changes made to a user in Zimbra into AD (i.e. if an alias is added or removed it will propagate to AD)? Will it write to the proxyaddresses attribute in AD? Will it update primarySMTPaddress in AD if the primary email address changes in Zimbra?

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    Hi Sam,
    We have done the above, but unable to view the zimbra GAL on Exchange.I can view Exchange GAL on Zimbra.
    I know this is an old thread but any help would be great.


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