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Thread: Exchange Migration Wizard: RPC Error: The server name could not be resolved.

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    Default Exchange Migration Wizard: RPC Error: The server name could not be resolved.

    When trying to migrate user data from Exchange 2003 to Zimbra 4.5.6 i get the following error message:

    27-07-2007 16:02:56 [160]: Opening other users store
    27-07-2007 16:02:56 [160]: Logging on to zimbra server (
    27-07-2007 16:02:56 [160]: RPC Error: The server name could not be resolved.
    27-07-2007 16:02:56 [160]: Too many mailboxes failed, exiting
    27-07-2007 16:02:56 [160]: Worker thread exiting

    Which server name could not be resolved? I must admit that I have not created any DNS records yet for the zimbra server, but is this a problem for the migration wizard? When configuring the Migration Wizard I only used IP addresses and no hostnames. Is it possible that the domain to which the accounts get migrated already has to resolve to the IP address of the zimbra server?

    And by the way, the client on which the wizard is run can connect without any problems to the Exchange server.


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    Correct DNS A & MX records plus a correct /etc/hosts file are required for the ZImbra server.


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    Default ZCS Migration errors.

    RPC Error: The server name could not be resolved.

    While trying to import data into zimbra.

    I do not know where to edit those files and more importantly
    i dont have a named.conf on this system.

    I just finished getting this zimbra thing to work so i am not about to start editing files w.o kow excatly what i am doing.

    my internal zimbra mail server is:


    would this be right?

    A IN SERVER <<< ?

    if so where o where do i put that?

    please advise...


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