My Company is currently evaluating Zimbra to replace our old outdated email-solution.

But there are still some hardware / software related questions, which needed to be answered before any decision is made.

1. Hardware Specs

Currently we think about the following hardware components to buy:

Xeon 2Ghz Dualcore
4 GB Memory
Two 80GB SATA HDs (Raid-1) for OS (CentOS 5.x)
Four 143GB SAS HDs (Raid-10) for email-database (zimbra)

Is this Hardware suitable for about 100 Email-Users via the Zimbra (Ajax) Webinterface ?

2. Software / Zimbra Specs

Is it possible to get the following features with Zimbra:

- use Zimbra as Intranet-Email-Server
- Zimbra should contact our external email-provider, which stores all our emails in a Multi-Pop Account, then distributes the emails to our local email-users (some kind of relay ?)
- use our AntiVir/Avira email solution, we already bought
- possibility to limit some of the email-users only to intranet-email rights (no external email!)

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and help.