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Thread: Thunderbird non-IMAP migration

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    Default Thunderbird non-IMAP migration

    I've searched the forums and there is no definitive thread or documentation on migrating from non-IMAP storage within Thunderbird. There are notes scattered around which can typically help in performing this migration, but I am still having some problems.

    First of all, disabling Attachment Indexing for all users that are migrating is critical. You will get the "APPEND: failed" IMAP error if you do not do this.

    In addition, you must use "/tb" on the end of the username or you will have date/time issues.

    Here are the things I cannot figure out:

    - Thunderbird crashes a lot during a folder copy. This will typically happen when moving 200 or more e-mails at once. Is there any way to avoid this? Is this definitely a Thunderbird issue?
    The version of Thunderbird that this error was reproduced reliably with is:

    - Is there anyway to copy an entire inbox and the folders underneath it in one shot?

    - After copying the folders, the date in Zimbra's mail display reflects the date the e-mails were copied, not the date they were originally delivered.

    - For users with Zimbra Mobile, after the folder copy from Thunderbird is performed, the folders show up on the mobile device as empty. Is there something I need to do to force a synchronization of the contents of these folders?

    Thank you,
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