we are running Lotus Notes and I am looking into Zimbra as a good solution to replace our Lotus Notes environment. I know that there are migration tools etc. and have read posts relating to that. Is there any way of running Zimbra in parallell with and existing Notes installation in a way that the Lotus Notes Calendrars and Users could be synced into Zimbra so that users can slowly migrate over to Zimbra, meaning that some users would use Zimbra and still get the Calendar events from the old Notes server, and perhaps vice versa? Any API to sync the calenders between the two platforms? With emails it should be quite straightforward using POP/IMAP or similar means to sync the mailboxes, but calendars are a bit different and quite frankly I don't know how they are implemented in Lotus Notes...

Anybody have any good ideas if this can be accomplished and how?

Best regards,
Kim Halavakoski