Over the weekend I built a new Zimbra server to replace our old Zimbra server that needed the software to be upgraded and to be installed on a server with a larger storage area.

Old Server: Release 4.0.0_RC1_272.FC5_20060814124642 FC5 FOSS edition
New Server: Release 4.5.6_GA_1044.RHEL4_20070706225645 CentOS4 FOSS edition

Once I got the new server up and running and had all the accounts created and the settings set up the way we wanted it, I used imapsync to migrate the messages from the old server to the new server. Most of the accounts transferred without problem with the exception for a couple. I did some research and it appears as though imapsync fails at one point because of some kind of APPEND issue (there is an example here).

The suggested solution was to disable attachment indexing during the imapsync operations and then re-enable it afterwards and then get Zimbra to re-index the messages. I have looked in the forums, on the wiki and have done searches on Google but I cannot find how you disable the attachment indexing.

So I was wondering if someone could help me by telling me what commands I need to use to disable attachment indexing, to re-enable it and to have Zimbra re-index the messages (if that is really needed)?

Thank you.