I would like to see if it's possible to deploy a small "test case" of Zimbra and utilize this in a large Lotus Notes environment? Personally I can't stand Notes, and view it as one of the great headaches right now. Zimbra looks absolutely fantastic, but I would need to implement this in such a fashion as to maintain compatibility with the existing install base that is on Notes. Is this even possible?

Can Zimbra peacefully coexist in a Notes environment? Can calendar items seamlessly transition from Notes to Zimbra and vice-versa? If this is even possible, how would I proceed? I have a server with plenty of capacity for the dozen or so users that would migrate initially to this.

Thanks in advance. This would be a project done "under the table", in my spare time as a proof of concept. The hope is that if I can make this work, to then propose a real project to convert the entire organization to Zimbra.