Hi all,

I did a couple of migrations so far and everything was really nice. But now I have to migrate some users with 3000 and more contacts and about 5000 calendar entries.

So what happens is that the isync connector show "syncing in background" and the server log says:
iSync Connector/4.5.1020 (Mac OS X 1049);] ZimbraSoapContext - requested session no longer exists: 3480
Outlook just does not give any information about what it is doing.....
and the server log says:
ua=ZimbraConnectorForOutlook/4.5.288;] GetCalendarItem - <GetCalendarItem id=4428> LC(mbox=15a2de2c-5903-4942-b8da-7eea2386a771)
Basically - you can't figure out whats going on at the moment, how long will it take, how much left and so on - and the user is asking "how long, when can I use it again, and so on"

I would appriciate if the next version includes some more details about whats going on "syncing cal items 1345 of 4326" and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add an "cancel" button.

Is there any other way then a client reboot to stop the isync connector which is still trying to connect to a non-existing session?

BTW: it's maybe a good idea to have "do not sync items that are more then XX weeks in the past" option.

Kind Regards