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Thread: migration from lotus notes 6 to zimbra

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    Default migration from lotus notes 6 to zimbra


    I would like migrate lotus notes 6 to zimbra, I use zimbra software to migrate lotus notes, so the first step is OK i put the hots name, name, password to connect to zimbra serveur, the second step i don't now,

    LDAP server infomation.

    I need to put Zimbra server information or Lotus notes information.

    I put lotus notes infomation.

    And i have this message.

    Unable to bind to LDAP server zehodingmails at port 389.

    I need a help.

    Thank for all.

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    Default is the ldap task enabled on the domino server?


    you should double check to see if the ldap task is running on port 389. once you verify that, then you'll need to enter the right credentials for the migration wizard to authenticate. if you go to the server console, you should be able to "show tasks" to figure out if LDAP is running. its possible that LDAP is running but over SSL. if that is the case, then you will need to configure the migration wizard appropriately.


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    Default to be continue

    I alredy check LDAP services :

    Lotus notes LDAP RUN
    And Zimrba LDAP RUN also ( I would like to now if i need create a LDAP count or no for zimbra)
    I open Port 389 in my broadband.

    I think to put right credentials for the migration wizard ( i put lotus notes credentials ) is good or no ?

    I sure about that.

    Do you have a website or something like that, a people migrate from notes to zimbra.

    thank you

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    Default Is Fixed

    Is Ok now, I didn't need any password, for magrate from lotus notes to zimbra, is simple than i think and is very clear

    Thank for all


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