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Thread: Migration zimbra to zimbra

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    Default Migration zimbra to zimbra


    I setup Zimbra in my home server, is debian 3.1 all think is OK and now i have lots lots e-mail ( 7GO ) , And now i would Like move Zimbra to another server(better server), I think use debian 3.1 or 4.
    I would like to now, what i need to move to the new server.

    thak you

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    Most importantly will be keeping the same servername; obviously ip's & dns resolution are going to be different etc. (see all the fun with changeing your servername here ZmSetServerName - ZimbraWiki)

    If you use the exact same zimbra version, you can run a new install of zimbra, then copy/scp/tar/rsync (keeping as many permissions intact as possible-though you can always run zmfixperms) your old /opt/zimbra/ to the new machine.

    If you had the NE version you could use the backups, but seeing as you said 'home', I'll assume your using the OS edition.
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