I know someone who is self-employed, but works from both a desktop and a laptop on a regular basis. They also carry a smartphone running some flavour of Windows Mobile. They are big on Outlook, but have always wanted a solution that allows them to synchronise their Outlook items between all three devices.

If he was an employee of a large organisation, then Exchange would be the obvious choice. Currently he has a single POP3 mail account which he has been synchronising across machines using a piece of software called Emoze. He's not 100% happy with it, and I was wondering if there was a Zimbra solution for him.

It seems that the Zimbra Mobile stuff is only available through the Pro edition, which seems a bit overkill for a single person. Am I reading the version differences correctly?

He doesn't necessarily want BlackBerry-style over-the-air push email, just the ability to synch inboxes over the internet. Any suggestions?