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Thread: Fetchmail and Zimbra - I know its been covered but I'm lost

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    Default Fetchmail and Zimbra - I know its been covered but I'm lost

    So to start with I have only just started playing with this software and it seams to be really good but I don't want to go to the hassle of getting mail sent to my home adsl connection as with power outages etc. So I was hoping that using fetchmail to pull the mail down from the isp's mail server then it could do the rest.

    I have been searching and there is some stuff on this but it looses me very quickly. I'm not completely new to linux and don't mine command line its just not quite making sense what it does.

    I have a postmasters account with the isp for my domain and would like to use that to pull down everything to the zimbra server and then it work as if the mail had been received normally and split it up to the different accounts. But by the looks of it this won't happen I have to specify an account to take all the mail? Can I then filter it from there? also when people refer to the zimbra user account is this the one in linux or what ...

    Any help appreciated ta.

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    I assume what you're talking about at your ISP is a multi-drop account? You guess is correct, we don't handle that (not many servers do) and fetchmail will drop the mail in one account. You can drop it in one account and then use filters to distribute it to the correct mailbox. As far as Zimbra is concerned a 'mailbox' is the Zimbra user mailbox and nothing to do with the linux mail.

    Why don't you have the mal delivered directly to your server rather than your ISP? It will save you the problem of using fetchmail and filters.


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    Well the main issue with that is that I only have one static ip issued to my broadband connection and the majority of those ports are used by the current web server. So http, https, ftp, openssh all get routed to that machine from the router. The zimbra-server is running on my vmware-server which has nothing routed to it. If I where to get the mail all sent here then I would have to use strange ports to access the mail server... What port does incoming mail use anyway? Might be an easier option how hard is it? and what kind of downtime will I see isn't it 48 hours for dns to get through if its the same as web?

    Oh and thanks for the reply!

    Edit: might be able to answer some of those questions myself

    Right so I would need to forward port 25 to the static ip internally as i'm natted. Then contact my isp and get them to add the mx record to the dns table and ask them to keep there server in the record with a lower priority so that if my server is down mail will still be received by there server, Is there anyway I can get them to set up the dns so that they are sent to both?(don't think its possible but can both record be given the same priority?).... and thats it?

    I can sort out the web interface and just put that on a random external port that forward to 80 internally on the static ip right?
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