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Thread: Groupwise Migration Problems.

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    Default Groupwise Migration Problems.

    I did a search on Novell Migration..

    I can't seem to find too much info.

    I have a Novell Groupwise Server running right now...

    I already have all the users entered into Zimbra. Now I need to move their calendar, email history, and contacts over from Groupwise.

    I am attempting to use the Migration tool to do this.. however I have some questions and concerns.

    I need to know that I can import from Groupwise into accounts on Zimbra that have already been created.. or do I have to do this from scratch?

    I have troubles with the below screenshots also.

    I don't know what to put in the postoffice information file.

    I also am unsure as to why it can't see the LDAP server. (a problem with groupwise?)

    Anyways, thanks for reading. Here are the screenshots.
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