I migrated one of our employees to Zimbra the other day and used the PST importer to upload her mail and folders from Outlook. However, for whatever reason, she now has duplicates of all of the imported mail. The PST file contained 4GB of mail. Her Zimbra mailbox has 8GB of mail. Essentially, for some reason, the importer ended up uploading every piece of mail... twice. This happened for every email, regardless of what folder it was in. Does anyone have a clue as to why this happened? And do you have any suggestions on how I can remove all of the duplicates aside from going through each email and deleting the duplicate? Keep in mind, I have migrated tons of users before without this issue happening.

ZCSPSTImportWizard-4.5.7_GA_1310.exe was the version of the import wizard that I used.

Thanks in advance for any responses.