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Thread: [SOLVED] Options on moving from Exchange w/o access

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    Default It was late.... login/tb in Thunderbird worked

    It was late.. is my only excuse..

    I reconfigured my account settings in Thunderbird with the required LOGIN/tb switch and moved mail out and then back into Zimbra. Worked peachy, now I can mirgrate all my Thunderbird users. Thanks

    Related to this thread, other than more work involved, which method would be best for bringing in PST files from Outlook? Have Thunderbird convert them and bring them over from Thunderbird or use the Zimbra import tool. I have several users with some monster PST files.

    What I am asking is for some real world experience/results between the Zimbra import tool and Thunderbird's import tool and moving mail over from there.


    Quote Originally Posted by mstreet View Post
    I should have read this post before I did this... I cannot login with the /tb appended to my login name. If I could I would go around the block again by moving them back out and back in again.

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    I have used the .pst import tool to migrate e-mail (personal) from my laptop into Zimbra and that worked fine.

    The migration issue I have is that 95% of my users (me included for this account) don't use Outlook or Thunderbird and I therefore have no file that I can import from their computer. The fix using T-Bird mentioned earlier in this post is not the easiest to use for me due to how my users have built their folders on the Exchange server. When I log into the Exchange server using T-Bird, I only see the Inbox and none of the other folders I have created.

    I think the problem I'm having now is due to the need of the latest migration tool which supports Exchange 2007. I think that I have the connection to the Exchange server set up correctly as I can log in and all my folders created on the server are visible and are synchronized correctly. But when using the current migration tool I can't see any files on the Exchange server to pull over.

    The time for making a decision is getting tight and I need to know if the migration problems I’m having will be solved with the new migration tool.

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    Talking It's Done - Finally!

    With some help from the other admin I was able to set up a direct exchange connection using an HTTPS proxy. After this was established what I wound up doing was to log in to exchange (for each user) using Outlook 2003, export a .pst file and then using the PST Import tool moved them into Zimbra. I would not recommend this as it was very time consuming, even using 2 computers.

    I guess the good part is it's done!

    Now on to my POP3 no send issue - another thread to start...

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