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Thread: UW IMAP + Procmail to Zimbra

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    Default UW IMAP + Procmail to Zimbra

    I'm weighing out a few different options for mailbox and recipe migration into Zimbra from our existing UW IMAP servers with Procmail delivery agents, we're using mbx formatted mailboxes. Has anyone been through this process already and have war stories to share?

    At this point I'm thinking about fooling the imap servers on both sides to allow imapsync (from a specific host) to transfer data without needing to enumerate the passwords of all users.

    As for the heck would that work...

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    For the Zimbra side (and possibly also the UW IMAP side), you can use AUTHENTICATE PLAIN to use an admin password to migrate a user account. Check the forums and/or the wiki for details on doing this...
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