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Thread: zmprov ca command returns NO_SUCH_DOMAIN

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    Question zmprov ca command returns NO_SUCH_DOMAIN

    Below is what I get with the following commands:
    zmprov ca password displayName 'Bernard Smith' givenName Bernard sn Smith
    zmprov gad
    zmprov gaa
    zmprov gd
    The only workaround is to use the gui; However, we need to migrate many users (using migration scripts) and their mail (using imapsyn). I've tried all the scripts. Everything fails at the account addition stage with 'no such domain'.
    I have DNS lookups off.

    The above commands and their output:

    [zimbra@bet ~]$ zmprov ca password displayName 'Bernard Smith' givenName Bernard sn Smith
    ERROR: account.NO_SUCH_DOMAIN (no such domain:
    [zimbra@bet ~]$ zmprov gad
    [zimbra@bet ~]$ zmprov gaa
    [zimbra@bet ~]$ zmprov gd
    # name
    dc: norwoodma
    o: domain
    objectClass: dcObject
    objectClass: organization
    objectClass: zimbraDomain
    zimbraAuthMech: zimbra
    zimbraDomainDefaultCOSId: e00428a1-0c00-11d9-836a-000d93afea2a
    zimbraDomainType: local
    zimbraGalAutoCompleteLdapFilter: externalLdapAutoComplete
    zimbraGalInternalSearchBase: DOMAIN
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: co=workCountry
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: company=company
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: description=notes
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: displayName,cn=fullName
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: givenName,gn=firstName
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: initials=initials
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: l=workCity
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: objectClass=objectClass
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: ou=department
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: physicalDeliveryOfficeName=office
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: postalCode=workPostalCode
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: sn=lastName
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: st=workState
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: street,streetAddress=workStreet
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: telephoneNumber=workPhone
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: title=jobTitle
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: whenChanged,modifyTimeStamp=modifyTimeStamp
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: whenCreated,createTimeStamp=createTimeStamp
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: zimbraCalResLocationDisplayName=zimbraCalResLocati onDisplayName
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: zimbraCalResType=zimbraCalResType
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: zimbraId=zimbraId
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: zimbraMailDeliveryAddress,zimbraMailAlias,mail=ema il,email2,email3,email4,email5,email6
    zimbraGalLdapAttrMap: zimbraMailForwardingAddress=zimbraMailForwardingAd dress
    zimbraGalMaxResults: 100
    zimbraGalMode: zimbra
    zimbraId: 9eb851ba-9280-4c43-8da0-188509ede5e2
    zimbraMailStatus: enabled

    [zimbra@bet ~]$
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