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Thread: Ask About trial license

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    Default Ask About trial license

    Hi friends!

    I have a question about Zimbra License. My license has expired and i want to change it to open source license

    How can i do it?

    Thanks for all

    Best Regards

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    Welcome to the forums,

    Welp, I assume you've already compared the feature you will be giving up, weighed what you can afford, talked to sales to get a quote, etc, etc.
    You just need to install the Open Source edition over the top of your NE install (extract and run the ./ script) to keep your data and convert to the FOSS edition.

    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix View Post
    There is a thread in the forums about what does, and doesn't, continue to work after your trial finishes - basically NE doesn't stop immediately and you'll have 30 days to get the OSS version installed.
    Note: You're supposed to use the exact same version number as you had installed for the trial.
    Now, as I'll wager your using 4.5.7NE for the trial, see the links at the bottom of /community/downloads.html to find that.
    (You also should be able to do it with 4.5.8 just fine though)

    Also make a backup first!
    copy/tar/rsync your entire /opt/zimbra/ directory and keep as many permissions as possible (though there is a zmfixperms script to solve this if you forget)
    Also any other directories-like if you moved say the store or index elsewhere on your system.
    Open Source Edition Backup Procedure - ZimbraWiki

    Of course you can always go back should you decide so later: Moving from Open Source to Network Edition ZCS - Zimbra :: Wiki
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