I want to migrate from two Zimbra servers to one central Zimbra server. We have two servers. Both are Zimbra 4.5.4 GA(CentOS 4.4 32bits) but reside in different geographic zones – one is in NYC and the other is in London. London is the master ldap, MX 10 and NYC is the replica ldap and MX 20.

London server has a COS – uk and NYC server has a COS – ny. For users reside in different geographic zones, we do limit them to store in different COS which belongs to different server pools.

Now I want to setup new central server which contains both servers’ data(documents, mail, contacts, calendars).

I performed a zmmailboxmove from the replica server to the master server then I do the full backup then restore everything on the new server by disaster recovery which means I still have the same ldap and server structures, HSM, server ....etc from multi-server environment.

Here is my question.

“How to remove the replica server from the system? like HSM, server, status…etc”. Or say "How can I clean up the server environment to back to single server environment?"

Any feedback would be very appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day.