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Thread: Synchronise calendar with mobile phones

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    Default Synchronise calendar with mobile phones

    I know this is a long shot, but I have to ask. We provide Zimbra as a hosted service, and we are setting up some small business users with Outlook Connector for Zimbra. One feature used by many of them was to synchronise their Outlook calendar with the little calendar app on their mobile phones. This is accomplished using computer apps supplied by the phone manufacturer, such as the Nokia Phone Suite - there are equivalents from some other manufacturers. It seems that this doesn't work anymore once the Outlook Connector for Zimbra is installed. Any thoughts or ideas on this?

    Steve Jacobs

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    It should work.

    But they might have to resetup (the last version of) the syncing tool after installing the ZCO, in order to link the syncing tool to the new Zimbra profile.

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