Hi all,

I'm looking at switching from our antiquated qmail server to an Open Source Zimbra server within the next couple of weeks.

Only trouble is that I'd like to get 5.0 setup if possible off the bat to save any troubles with migrating from 4.x when 5 finally comes out.

I know you can't give a firm release date for this as bug fixes etc may delay it, but is there a rough time period for when 5.0 final is expected to be released?

If it's not to far away I might hang off until 5 is ready otherwise if I go 4.x will there be issues with migrating to 5? Or might it be easier to use a release candidate until 5.0 final is released and do an update?

This will be a production server with around 100 users. So if the release candidate only has a few quirks/problems we could probably put up with it until the final version gets released if it means it'll update easier/better than a 4.x server.

I'm fairly new to Linux so the smoother the update goes the better


Thanks in advance for any help.