Hi all,

For about a year I am following Zimbra and it is getting better and better. I also looked at competitors but I feel that Zimbra is offering more especially the zimlets and editing documents online.

That being said, I looked at the prices and was wondering, how is it possible that you "only" have to pay around 3 dollars a user per month for such a product? I mean, salesforce can easily charge over 100 dollars per user per month and although directly used to grow your business, anyone should admit that, using Zimbra the way it is supposed to be, can return enormous efficiency gains.

So the questions:
1. Am I correct that you pay a max of 3 dollars/month for the most loaded edition?
2. When I have the above edition I "only" need a server to host the program?
3. For that price I can contact Zimbra in case of malfunction -support-?
4. If the above is true, why then is it so cheap? Do companies fail to understand the benefits of using Zimbra or any other collaboration tool? If so what arguments are they using?
5. Have I mist something?