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Thread: Price questions cheap?? missing something?

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    Default Price questions cheap?? missing something?

    Hi all,

    For about a year I am following Zimbra and it is getting better and better. I also looked at competitors but I feel that Zimbra is offering more especially the zimlets and editing documents online.

    That being said, I looked at the prices and was wondering, how is it possible that you "only" have to pay around 3 dollars a user per month for such a product? I mean, salesforce can easily charge over 100 dollars per user per month and although directly used to grow your business, anyone should admit that, using Zimbra the way it is supposed to be, can return enormous efficiency gains.

    So the questions:
    1. Am I correct that you pay a max of 3 dollars/month for the most loaded edition?
    2. When I have the above edition I "only" need a server to host the program?
    3. For that price I can contact Zimbra in case of malfunction -support-?
    4. If the above is true, why then is it so cheap? Do companies fail to understand the benefits of using Zimbra or any other collaboration tool? If so what arguments are they using?
    5. Have I mist something?

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    Details of the pricing on this page. So the answer to your question is yes, it's about $3 per month per user (payable as an annual fee) for NE Professional Edition with a minimum of 25 users. Details of the Support options are on the same pricing page but the answer is also yes, you can contact support if you have problems.

    I would describe the Zimbra pricing as Value for Money, rather than cheap.


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    Don't forget that's there's a sliding scale - ie: it' gets even better the more users you have

    Just as any company does: The more volume you buy the less expensive it gets. But you will need to contact a sales rep via the many available methods.
    (Though not listed on that page because you should use the web form, you can also send an email to sales at

    Though you should contact them so you can get a customized quote, (especially if your an academic, govt, or non-profit) check out /quote/configurator.php

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    I understand from the posts that Zimbra is not cheap so it seems that competitors offer about the same for the same money.

    1. Is this true? Is Zimbra offering the same as competitors for about the same price?

    2. If not, what makes Zimbra different from other packages such as Open-Xchange, Zafara, and Microsoft-exchange?

    3. What are the features of Zimbra that business whise are used by companies and that are the cause of choosing Zimbra over the other packages?

    4. In combination with question 3, I get the impression that most people seek a mail server and are using Zimbra as such. I understand that Zimbra is doing that but is it fair to see it as a mail server? Are the current users not aware of the potential of the package?

    I am trying to understand how companies use it at the moment and to figure out why it is positioned by a lot of people as "just" a mailserver.

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    I think that I can best answer your question by saying this.

    Zimbra relies much on our community to help us develop and drive the product. As a sort of "thank you" we give them the Open Source edition. . it's a very symbiotic relationship. We take care of them, and they take care of us.

    Unlike many other products, we have a very large and very active community. We get about 3-400 posts on average (meaning take all posts/month and divide by day). These things help us to develop the product with little overhead.

    We take most other resources and put them towards the core product, and the more advanced features into the Network Edition.

    Not only that, everyone here truly believes we're the best. we've used other products, didn't like what we saw. . so we made our own (which is part of how Zimbra came into being).

    There are many other factors that play into costs. For more info, I's suggest you contact and contact a rep who can help you more.

    It's the best e-mail money can buy.

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    On the note of the Open Source edition, I was just reading over the licensing for it and I didn't see anything about it (I've been known to be blind when reading fine print), but is there anything in the licensing that prevents one from running the open source edition and reselling (per-say, since the open source edition is free) hosted mailboxes as a service, given of course that the rest of the open source license isn't violated in any way (leaving the Zimbra brand on it and all that fun stuff)?

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