I'm a long time Zimbra user who switched to Google Apps for Your Domain about a month ago. The reason? Well, embarrassingly enough, I was tired of not trusting my backups.

Problems with Google's service, however, are leading me back to Zimbra. In particular, the fact that domain aliasing really doesn't mask who you are because Google sets the Sender: field in the's just plain frustrating.

So, here I stand, the prodigal son. Hoping Zimbra will take me back .

My situation is:

I have my old Zimbra 4.5 install with my old mailbox there. It's still running. I also have my new Google Apps account with all those messages, plus around a month's worth of new messages.

What I'd like to do is get at that month's worth of messages. I'm not sure if I can use imapsync to only move messages from a particular date range, but now that I type that I bet I can.

What I'm more concerned about is folders. I have a roughly 5 gb mailbox with many folders for different mailing lists I belong to. Google Apps (the premier edition) has a migration tool that I used, and instead of creating folders, it created labels.

When I go back to Zimbra, will the messages be placed in the proper folders? Anyone know? Has anyone done this sort of migration before?

Finally, I see that 5.0 GA is due to be available Dec 12. Is it actually ready now (i.e., safe to use), and is GA the actual release?

Thanks guys!