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Thread: Basic questions as we consider this

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    Default Basic questions as we consider this

    We are thinking of converting to Zimbra. We currently use a SMTP server for our business. Our basic questions are...

    1) As we read the installation manual, with the exception of minor tweaking, it seems not much Linux is needed. Thats good since we have little or no linux expertice in-house. If you had little Linux experience, only really had worked in Windows, would that worry you or do you think it is straight-forward enough?

    2) Is it easy to have the linux box on our in-house Windows 2003 Server lan? I am assuming it is slightly more complicated than just plugging it in, but how much will we need to learn?

    3) Disater recovery is probably our biggest concern. Will a tape machine on our lan be able to back-up a linux box? What insight can you give us.

    Thanks ahead of time for anyone who chooses to help

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    1) Yes all you need is BASIC no frills linux install and zimbra will work happily on it..
    BASIC install = console
    Console linux has its own challenges for windows admin as you need to TYPE Everything ..but its not rocket science

    2) Nothing special needed to put it on you share files you can easily install SAMBA and you can access linux files on windows networks

    3) cold backup of zimbra is plain simple file copy of /opt/zimbra folder once all the services are stopped..and you can keep it on TAPE or HD or DVD ..your choice..

    if you are 100% windows should give this a try as this will be a good learning exp.

    * You can install OSS version on Fedora or CentOS and it comes with NO cost : )

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