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Thread: [SOLVED] Migrating users from 4.5 to 5 RC2

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    I followed the way to migrate and upgrade with no success. As explained in the development section of this forum a little tool to copy Users, Domain and COS from an LDAP 4.5 to an LDAP 5.0 schemas will be much appreciated.
    I'm now writing script to migrate users using "zmprov -v gaa" export and "zmprov ca..." on the new machine.
    I create two test account with same information (username, domain, cos password) under the two release. After exporting using zmprov -v gaa the account i'm comparing them and i get some difference in schemas.
    All ldap mapping problems i will solve simply but for userpassword (little problem) i have a doubt.
    What is the difference between userpassword field in 4.5 and userpassword field in 5.0 because i saw that export format are different in the two versions.

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    Default [SOLVED] Migrating users from 4.5 to 5.0

    I completed migration using this method:

    Before doing this operation you must create on the new server the same domains and COS named as the old one.

    On the old server with 4.5 release I did this command:

    zmprov gaa -v|grep "# name" > /tmp/userlist.txt

    this will get the lists of accounts in the format

    # name spam.hrknfbz7w8@domain.tld
    # name ham.oywhqzt9@domain.tld
    # name name.surname@domain.tld

    and the command

    zmprov gaa -v|grep userPassword > /tmp/userpassword.txt

    after editing with "nano" the file userlist.txt and reading data from userpassword.txt i modified the file to convert it in

    zmprov ca name.surname@domain.tld changeme
    zmprov aaa name.surname@domain.tld alias1@domain.tld
    zmprov aaa name.surname@domain.tld alias2@domain.tld
    zmprov ma name.surname@domain.tld userPassword "{SSHA}WCI4ogR8ZRx3qZ38RiBKsBh5Y/Miv5tN"

    this file must be executed on the new machine.
    after this operation all works good.

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