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    Default Email timestamps

    I have read that it is possible using imapsync or Thunderbird to
    migrate mail from another IMAP server into Zimbra. I wanted to
    mention a method I tried that failed, but seemingly should work.
    I set up the ZImbra webmail client to talk with my primary IMAP server
    and then used drag and drop to move the email into my Zimbra mailbox.
    It copied the mail but I lost the time/datestamps of the original mail.
    This was using ZCS-5-RC2.

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    Older versions of Thunderbird don't properly set the INTERNALDATE when using APPEND to copy messages. You can work around this by putting /tb at the end of your login username ( or user/tb), which throws the Zimbra IMAP server into thunderbird hack mode for your session, & works around this issue by setting INTERNALDATE to the Date header of APPENDed messages.
    However, using a newer version of Thunderbird 2 should prove alright. (There's also /wm which is Windows Mobile mode.)

    For Imapsync append --syncinternaldates User Migration - Zimbra :: Wiki

    For the web-client I've never tried to see how well this works, you might need to check for open bugs. (I'll test later on when I get a free minute.)

    Side notes:
    When using zmlmtinject or zmmailbox addMessage you can run a script that can set the x-zimbra-received header.
    More on that here:
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    Thanks but I think you may have misread my post though.
    I did not try migrating with T-bird. What I attempted was
    logging into my RC2 server AND mounting my existing Mercury IMAP
    server account in the web client then dragging and dropping between
    the two. It copies the mail but munges the timestamps. I'm filing it
    in Bugzilla.

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