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Thread: Another replacement for migration

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    Default Another replacement for migration


    We had setup one zcs 5.0 server for one client, That client have existing
    mail setup on exchange and they are using outlook express / Mirosoft
    outlook as a client.

    We can use the Migration wizard for exchange but we don't have the
    full right on the exchange server

    Therefore, what will be the next best solution in that case

    Chandraprakash gupta

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    Migrating_from_an_existing_IMAP_server - User Migration - Zimbra :: Wiki

    On your side (not the exchange side) zimbra supports AUTH=PLAIN, so using imapsync you should be able to authenticate as a target user using only an admin username/password and the target username.

    Some examples:
    imapsync --host1 --user1 username --authuser1 adminusername --password1 adminpassword --ssl1 --port1 993 --host2 --user2 username --password2 password --authmech2 PLAIN --ssl2 --port2 993 --syncinternaldates --subscribe --nosyncacls
    imapsync --syncinternaldates --subscribed --host1 sourceserver --host2 destinationserver --user1 userAcctSrc --authuser1 adminUserSrc --password1 adminPassDest --user2 useracctondest --authuser2 adminUserDest --password2 adminPassDest --ssl1 --port1 num --ssl2 --port2

    You might set zimbraImapSSLServerEnabled to TRUE if not already - can do this from your servers section > IMAP tab (btw server overrides global settings).

    AUTH=PLAIN requires TLS encoding, so an IMAPs or STARTTLS command on a normal IMAP connection.

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