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    Default Migration ToDo

    A quick look at the forums for this didn't turn anything up, so I thought I'd ask:

    I recently migrated to Zimbra from a bargain webhost's pop3 server. It has been a learning experience, and usually a lot of fun, but it made me think: Am I doing all that I need to do to have an ideal Zimbra setup? I've never run a mail server before, and I'd hate to be missing something. I'd love to see a wiki article or a sticky forum thread to share ideas about what "should be" done when migrating to Zimbra. I'm looking for more of a general "ToDo". It would include things like: "Set up backup plan" (at least for Open Source users), and migrate users. My vision is kind of a kitchen sink - "make sure you don't forget X,Y, and Z" kind of document, as opposed to the step by step approach of the manuals. I'd be happy to maintain a wiki article on this (is that where this should go?), and post my ideas on the subject, but I'm sure that I am missing some things, so I'd need lots of help. Interested, anyone?
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