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Thread: Upgrade path from 4.3?

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    Default Upgrade path from 4.3?

    I'm still running 4.3 and am wondering if there is a specific upgrade path or can I jump straight to the 5.x GA release?
    I'm running it on Ubuntu 6 LTS

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    You be should definitely be able to upgrade from any of the 4.5.x's, but I'll consent that on average we test 4.5.10 > 5.0.1 upgrades more often as that's more common; plus there are some major tomcat & LDAP enhancements since 4.5.3, so even getting to 4.5.10 is a nice enhancement.
    (Assuming FOSS because I didn't notice 'network' anywhere in the above or your prior posts.)
    If you'd like to go 4.5.3 > 4.5.10 > 5.0.1 you can find 4.5.10 here: /community/downloads_previous.html & 5.0.1 through here:
    Some FOSS backup directions: A_Simple_Shell_Script_Method - Open Source Edition Backup Procedure - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Please don't forget to backup between each version - it may take longer or might be harder to do with your environment, but you'll be better in the end!

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    Question Think I have an issue with upgrade

    I seem to remember having to install using tar balls, not ubuntu deb.s
    When I ran the 5.0.2 install script, it didn't find any of the installed zimbra pieces.
    I did a dpkg -l and didn't see anything zimbra either. So as I think back, I believe I may have installed via tarballs.
    I of course didn't do the install and had a fresh backup.
    What are my options at this point?

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