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Thread: Migrating Quotas

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    Default Migrating Quotas

    Hi folks,

    I'm performing some tests before start migration of 500 email accounts from Qmail+Vpopmail to Zimbra.
    Imapsync works very well and i wrote a script that get users information stored in a vapsswd file and generate zmprov commands.
    But i have a trouble: How can i set the Zimbra account's mailbox quota from the command line? I'm intending cut the quota filed from vpasswd file from each qmail account and set the same value to corresponding migrated Zimbra account.
    The Zimbra Docs show how to set quota only from Admin Console
    Any idea?

    My regrads,

    Robert Pereira

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    zimbraMailQuota is the attribute:
    -You can set this on the COS ahead of time or individual account (like you want to do).
    -If you set it on an individual account, this overrides the COS until you 'reset to COS value.'

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    zmprov ma zimbraMailQuota 100000

    above is the command line syntax to set Mailbox quota for a user the size is in Bytes

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