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Thread: Exchange migration wizard hangs.

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    Default Exchange migration wizard hangs.

    I setup a new zimbra5 server and I'm preparing to migrate from exchange 2003. I am trying to run the migration wizard 5.0.1 GA 1900 on the exchange server.

    I was able to create the MAPI connection using an admin account, and used the object builder to select one test account. I chose to migrate mail only (although it still complained that it would not be able to move my calendars).

    Now I am at the import screen, where it says Overall Progress: 0 of 1 Mailboxes migrated. Errors: 0 Warnings: 0. There is nothing listed and the list window below. I let it sit on this page overnight, and it is clearly just not working.

    In zimbra, it did create the account for my user. I can see the account with proper first and last name, as well as the same description which I had in AD.

    Any one else have this problem? Is there a debug flag I can pass to it?

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    You'll need to get a core dump of the process image when it appears hung and file a support case.

    Follow the directions in this wiki article, except don't connect to outlook.exe, connect to the migration wizard process:

    Creating a Core Dump from a Running Process using WinDbg - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Sam Khavari

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