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Thread: Mass update of "Received Date"

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    Default Mass update of "Received Date"

    After importing thousands of messages from a pop server, they display in Zimbra mail with a "Received Date" set to the date they were imported, rather than the original received date.

    I'm sure there was a better way to import the messages that would have preserved the info (IMAP wasn't an option), but there it is.

    So I have a need to alter the "Received Date" displayed in Zimbra Mail to match the sent date on the messages (which will be close enough). I assume this means a sql update script. But I'm having trouble guessing what columns in which tables need to be tweaked.

    Any help appreciated!

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    You need to update the DATE column of the the appropriate MBOXGROUPnnn.MAIL_ITEM table. Value is UNIX time (seconds since the epoch).

    Note that the message files themselves are stored on the filesystem, not in the database.
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