We are in the process of moving to ZCS 5.0.1 NPE. One of the things I desperately need (now that my mail is flowing at the Zimbra server) is my filters. I have a fairly extensive set (50+) filters that I would rather not point-and-click into place.

I have noted the following link:
User Migration - Zimbra :: Wiki

... but it seems to require command line access to the server (zmprov/zmmailbox), which we don't have since we are using a hosted solution. Unless we can download the OS edition of ZCS and somehow configure zmprov to connect to the admin port of the hosted server?

I didn't see a "folder" exposed via webdav to stick the filter rules into as text files (That would be cool!)

I didn't see anything else that indicated whether to use ldapmodify, like we do with our old mail system (Sun Java System Messaging Server), some http post, or whatever.

Any help or pointers you could offer would be helpful in our migration, as I am not the only one with filters

Thanks in advance,