Ok. This is kind of a weird situation.

I am running zimbra on a vmware server setup. I am using loose images for the OS (debian), /opt, and /home.

The image for the operating system got corrupt. Now that isn't a real big problem, debian was reinstalled and re-setup from a backup etc in a short while. After that i ran trough a zimbra installation and when that was done i just removed the /opt directory and remounted the old image with the zimbra installation.
The zimbra server etc. is working perfectly just as before, but I'm having some problems upgrading to a new version.

When i try to upgrade it does recognise a zimbra installation currently exists. But during the installation it doesn't upgrade the ldap databases etc. but just writes as if it was a new installation. So altough it recognises and does an upgrade, it actually does a new install.

What can I do to upgrade to the latest version of zimbra? The current is 4.5.(9 or 10, not sure :X )