I'm fairly sure that my department of 35 users is going to choose Zimbra. I've been searching the forum and search engines, but haven't had very much luck with the migration specifics that I'm dealing with.

We may very well mandate the use of web browser based Zimbra, rather than supporting 4-5 different email clients.

Unfortunately, I've got a fairly mix bag of migration work to perform. Most users have the ancient PC Eudora 5.x client with pop. Through testing, I've been able to import the Eudora address books into a Thunderbird installation, export to CSV, then import into Zimbra. Tedious, but other than a problem with distribution lists, it's working for the most part. Mail migration won't be a problem- drag and drop to the imap folders.

I've also got 6 Mac mail users. I found an Apple script that can export an address book, but Zimbra informed me that column 3 was missing a name. I then gave Thunderbird a shot and it seemed to work. There are a few errant pieces of information that became their own address book entries, but I think I can live with that. Again, mail migration shouldn't be a problem- drag and drop to the imap folders.

Now, my question...are there better ways at doing this than what I've cobbled together?

Thanks in advance!

Charles 'loving Zimbra' Nicolosi