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Thread: How does one move from an NE install to a OS install?

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    Default How does one move from an NE install to a OS install?

    From the "Open-Source Edition" downloads page:
    More Tips:
    Can I revert the Network Edition Trial to the Open Source Edition? Absolutely - all your email data, etc. will be left intact if you choose not to purchase ZCS Network Edition
    Where's the documentation on how one does this?

    There are articles in the wiki for going from OS to NE, but nothing for going from NE to OS. There's also nothing in the forums (that I can find in various searches) on this subject.

    Is it as simple as not licensing the NE install, and it automatically disables all the NE-specific features (Outlook connector, Mobile, etc)? Or do we need to install the OS version and then migrate all the data to it? Or something else?

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    Make sure you have a backup of your NE install the run the Open Source install on the same server, it will 'upgrade' to OS version. Obviously you will need to use the same Open Source release of Zimbra as the one already installed.


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