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    I tried searching for this but didn't have any luck. I apologize if it has already been discussed. Please forward me to the right thread if so!

    I have an OS X mail server running and am working on migrating to Zimbra. We have both machines authenticating via Active Directory. We don't know any user's passwords. This isn't a problem on the OS X side because we configured a user that can read everyone's mail.

    I use imapsync to move mail from one server to the other. I can specify the user to authenticate with on both sides. On the OS X side, specifying the user that can read all mailboxes works. On the Zimbra side, if I specify the admin user created at install, it does not.

    How can I create a user on the Zimbra side that can read everyone's mail?


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    Quote Originally Posted by dkarp
    Zimbra does support AUTH=PLAIN. You should be able to authenticate as a target user using only an admin username/password and the target username -- no user passwords are referenced in this case.
    So you'd have like:
    Quote Originally Posted by mmorse
    imapsync --host1 --user1 username --authuser1 adminusername --password1 adminpassword --ssl1 --port1 993 --host2 --user2 username --password2 password --authmech2 PLAIN --ssl2 --port2 993 --syncinternaldates --subscribe --nosyncacls


    imapsync --syncinternaldates --subscribed --host1 sourceserver --host2 destinationserver --user1 userAcctSrc --authuser1 adminUserSrc --password1 adminPassDest --user2 useracctondest --authuser2 adminUserDest --password2 adminPassDest --ssl1 --port1 num --ssl2 --port2

    If not already zimbraImapSSLServerEnabled should be set TRUE because AUTH=PLAIN requires TLS encoding, so an IMAPs or STARTTLS command on a normal IMAP connection.

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