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Thread: ZCS-PST-Import tool can not import outlook mails having attachment size > 10MB ?

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    Question ZCS-PST-Import tool can not import outlook mails having attachment size > 10MB ?

    I have been using ZCS PST Import tool to import my mails from outlook to zimbra but it is not importing mails having attachment size greater than 10 MB. I have changed my Zimbra server global settings to increase the attachment size to 100 MB and also added the environment variable MaxAttachSizeMB as mentioned in migration guide but no use. This is the error I am getting for all large attachment size mail:

    04-03-2008 18:57:42 [2204]: (MI): **Warning** Message skipped, MIME representation too large d(Fri, 4 May 2007 06:00:45 -0000) fid(279) size(13679649) max(10485760)

    I have also attached error logs portion from my log file.
    Please let me know is their any work around?
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    For your error "Message skipped, MIME representation too large" set:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Zimbra\MaxAttachSizeMB (the default only allows 10MB)

    Also, have you set both zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize & zimbraFileUploadMaxSize?

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