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Thread: Errors migrating Groupwise accounts

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    Default Errors migrating Groupwise accounts

    I just tried migrating a small sample set of Groupwise accounts (5.0.2 tool, 5.0.3 zimbra server, 7.0.3 Groupwise server) and a significant number of messages would fail to convert. In one case 95 out of 4700 messages failed. And one account completely failed due to "error threshold exceeded." I get the same error if I try to re-migrate the account that had 95/4700 failures.

    Is this normal? Or should I be expecting all messages to convert?

    Is there a new version of the Groupwise migration tool expected soon?

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    Yes, contact support. We (mostly) successfully migrated about 200 accounts this weekend with ZCSGroupwiseMigrationWizard-5.0.3_GA_2113.exe

    See also:

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