i have a big problem, i have one LDAP Base, with more 2000 users, and i need migrate to Zimbra LDAP, but, when i use the LDAP Browser, i connect correct, but not work the IMPORT/EXPORT, i think it is because the Attribute from my LDAP it's diferrent to Attribute of the Zimbra LDAP.

mail: user@domain.com.br
uid: user@domain.com.br
mailhost: mail.domain.com.br
sn: Complete Name
mailMessageStore: path/to/vmail
And others attributes, my LDAP contain very more attributes, and the Zimbra LDAP contains less Attributes

I Create one user in Zimbra Administration

mail: user@domain.com.br
uid: user
zimbraMailHost: mail.domain.com.br
sn: only the Last Name
mailMessageStore: NOT CONTAIN on ZIMBRA LDAP

This a problem, the Zimbra LDAP, contains Attributes what my LDAP not contains. One people have migrate from Postfix + LDAP to Zimbra (what use postfix too) more LDAP??

I use JeguePanel for Manager the LDAP for postfix

Thanks for all