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Thread: postfix Mail migrate to Zimbra.

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    Default postfix Mail migrate to Zimbra.

    Hello frends..

    I am new for zimbra. So need help from masters..

    I am refere so many forum related to postfix to zimbra but i think cant help me. So i have to make forum.

    I installed zimbra collobration suit on fedora core 5. First i shutdown postfix, dovecot, httpd for installing without any error. Now it installed without any error and running all services and also work as webui administration.

    Now my problem is we use postfix before zimbra. So users mail is now move on zimbra but how can i? i see pop2imap and imapsync but dosent work. I use Maildir as a Mailbox so it is possible to move all mails on zimbra. And zimbra didnt create any user account who used postfix. So i shoudl create mannuall and please help me for old mailbox-mails.

    Please give me some sollution.

    Thank you very much in Advance.

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    Ideally you would have installed Zimbra on a new server, rather than over the top of your existing email server (at least that's what it sounds like you did). Were you doing IMAP or POP3 with your previous server? I'm guessing IMAP, but I want to verify. Unfortunately to use a migration tool like imapsync the old IMAP server needs to be running. I'm not all that familiar with dovecot. Can you easily change the port that it runs on? Maybe that would be an option. The other thought would be to shutdown Zimbra, and then restart your old stuff. Then use POP3 to pull in all messages locally to a PC. Shutdown the old stuff, and restart Zimbra. You would then be able to drag and drop from the email client to the Zimbra server. This is going to be fairly tedious if you have a lot of accounts and/or a lot of email.

    As far as user accounts, Zimbra won't automatically migrate them over. You will have to add them to Zimbra. Check the wiki pages; there may be some help there with automating this task.

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