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Thread: Problems Importing Thunderbird Address Book

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    Unhappy Problems Importing Thunderbird Address Book

    I'm trying to migrate several address books from Thunderbird to Zimbra. One of these address books has 40+ mailing lists/distribution groups. I've tried several different ways of migrating the lists, but nothing seems to work.

    Here is what I've tried so far:

    • Exporting the address book in Dawn as a CSV file, importing the CSV into the web client. No mailing lists/distribution groups get moved.
    • Exporting from Thunderbird using Dawn and importing into Outlook. The mailing lists/distribution groups show up in Outlook, but show up as an individual contact in the Zimbra web client.
    • Exporting an LDIF from Thunderbird, importing the LDIF into Outlook Express, then importing the OE addresses in Outlook. Also works for Outlook, but the web client shows the dist. group as a single contact with no information.

    There has to be an easy way to get all of these mailing lists/distribution groups over to the web client. I have 40+ groups with anywhere from 20 to 150 addresses in each. I have a number of users that won't be happy if their groups can't be moved.

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    Welcome to the forums

    If you can export the distribution list to CSV you could do the following to provision it
    su - zimbra
    zmprov cdl
    and then a simple bash script
    cat <filename.csv> | awk -F, '{ print $1 }' | while read ADDR
       zmprov adlm ${ADDR}
    Also, please so we know which version of ZCS you are running

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    This isn't a traditional list/listserv/etc. that resides server side. This is an address book entry that one person uses. Thunderbird calls a group of addresses that have been grouped together a "mailing list." Some clients call them distribution groups; Outlook calls it a Distribution List... I'm sure there are other names out there for other clients. I just wanted to make sure I used the same name the software uses when explaining.

    I should also point out that I used Zindus and tried copying the groups over to the server. Same problem... the groups move, but shows as a contact with no information instead of a group with multiple addresses inside.

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