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Thread: thunderbird to zimbra (mailboxes)

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    Default thunderbird to zimbra (mailboxes)


    I have read some old treaths, not providing a solution...
    I would like to import a thunderbird profile with multiple accounts into zimbra including mailboxes, and contacts.
    Is there a tool available to complete this?

    Grts and thx

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    For email it depends on what type of accounts you are using with TB. If all the messages are stored locally you are probably going to have to setup an IMAP account to the Zimbra server within Thunderbird and then drag and drop messages from your existing accounts to the Zimbra account(s). If the TB accounts are IMAP you could use the imapsync tool to migrate the messages over to the Zimbra server.

    As far as contacts you will need to export them from TB as a .csv file. Then look at the Zimbra wiki page on importing contacts. What I've found in the past is that you don't need every column described in the wiki page. However, you do need the first row to have column headings, and the heading must exactly match what is described in the wiki.

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    For contacts you can also use a product called Zindus

    It will sync your contacts between Thunderbird and Zimbra. I don't use it regularly, but have used it in the past.

    One thing to watch out with migrating email is that if you setup Zimbra in Thunderbird and just drag the emails in, the timestamps in the web interface will be set to the time that it was copied. Once you open the message it will show up correctly, but in the listing they will be wrong. I would strongly recommend using imapsync if possible.
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