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Thread: Questions About Reprecussions of Migrating from Open Source to Network Edition

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    Question Questions About Reprecussions of Migrating from Open Source to Network Edition

    I need to make a decision on whether to pull the trigger and purchase one of the ZCS Network Editions or to purchase a separate hosted exchange solution for our power users and keep the majority of staff on ZCS open source edition.

    We currently use Zimbra Open Source for around 50 employees. I am considering purchasing the Starter Network Edition,even though its additional features will be used by, at most, five people. If I purchase either the Starter Network Ed. or the full Network Ed., will it still support unlimited users for the Web-only interface are will we be limited to 25 users?

    One other concern is that I use Taglocity with Outlook. AFAIK, Zimbra does not support unlimited tags/categories. Therefore, my Outlook categories would not be synchronized among multiple devices. This seems to be the only Outlook feature I use that is not supported by Zimbra based on my tests of uploading PST files to Zimbra. But it is probably a deal killer given the importance of categories/tags to my work flow.

    One final question: if I purchase a hosted solution of ZCS for a limited number of users, can they link to calendars and tasks from another ZCS domain? For example, say Company A has ZCS and Company B has ZCS. Can an employee as Company A share a Zimbra calendar with an employee at Company B even though they are on different ZCS servers and different domains?

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    If you're looking to get some users on the NE, you could always try a split domain. Some on the OSS, some on the NE.

    Split Domain - Zimbra :: Wiki

    I don't know enough about Outlook or Taglocity to help you much on that, sorry. I haven't run into any limits on tag numbers myself yet.

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